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Artwork, textile designs, illustration and technical design samples

Jumpsuit was a collection of five jumpsuits created to function as a uniform for my activities and an antidote to the need to fashion myself every morning. I created textile designs, repeats and printed all fabrics and constructed the pieces of cotton twill. See slide show for details

Aesthetic to Ascetic

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This project was an effort to create a more sustainable closet for myself. As a fashion designer, I had way too many clothes in the archives. Each day for 338 days I wore a different outfit. I wore each piece of clothing one time only (when I reached the end of the pants and skirts I repeated as I had less of these) Each day I photographed myself, posted the image and allowed viewers to vote the look in or out. each garment was subsequently tagged, in, out, or recycle. I cut my collection by over 50%


A princess dress which consumes the images of all the products "denied" my four year old daughter, Lulu. We rode through the local K-Mart and Lulu pointed out all the cultural girl swag she wanted. we photgraphed it, and she happily put it back. Lulu was an excellent co-consumer, happy with her photos and the resulting dress.

You will see Lulu in most of my work, she's my muse, most days.



Wolf is a performance and installation. Wolf is a psychoactive being, alive and a mis-fit in a consumer culture. Trying to fit his instinct, sexuality and nature into the aisle of a supermarket or the confimes of a belief system. Wolf is a looped video of five minutes and a performance. Screened as part of the Fathoming exhibition at SECCA in 2002

Shape Fighters, Foliage and Foulard


Foliage and Foulard are tiny fractions of shape pulled from historic textile prints. These shapes have rich histories in weaving and surface design if you dig back far enough. Printed textiles are now watered down steals from other peoples products and the sigifiers of pattern have been euthanized by big box design.


These fellows are videotaped walking through a suburban yard, fighting, trotting and attempting to complete simple tasks.

Personal Responsibility Suit (PRS) size 10


The PRS was made for the Who Cares exhibition in Kristiansand, Norway. This exhibition attempts to raise consciousness about the UN's human rights goals which most US citizens don't even know. I wore this garment for one week, each person who asked about or commented on my clothes was briefed on the goals and asked to donate to an aid agency that works to make the lives of those with no resources better




Drool is a series of embellished pieces and a looped video installation.​ Drool happens when we are relaxed, innocent, asleep. Beautiful patterns from a stained pillow become beaded calcification. A series of garments organizes drool in "fashionable" patterns

Stuffed Wallpaper


A historic damask pattern becomes a velveteen form, slipping out of it's boundaries and sliding up walls. Inspired by the flocked wallpapers of the 1970's pizza parlor my family visited

Perforated work, 1999-2000


For over a year I created large scale three dimensional and flat pieces where the patterns were created by light working it's way through tiny perforations. Carpal Tunnel put an end to the 18 months of hammering a steel punch

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