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Design Projects

These design projects run the gamut from commissioned and consulting work to student and community engaged pieces done with my MoB Studio classes at VCU.

Clothing for conjoined twins

In the fall of 2011 I was contacted by VCU's center of Craniofacial care to work on adaptive garments for the 18 month old conjoined Sanali twins, Terese and Maria. Incredibly, in the fall of 2012, another set of similarly conjoined twins, the Jones twins were born at VCU. I created and fit patterns and samples of numerous garments and organized students in class and workshops to create finished garments for all four girls.
























The Jones twins in a dress, spring, 2013

Dress concept for the Jones twins, fall 2012

Dawn to Dusk, national finalist for the 2nd American Batik Design Competition























Title. Double click me.

Workshop sample for the Sanali twins, 2011

Dress for the Sanali twins, fall 2011



MoB Studio, VCU arts, grand opening, 

A collaborative, community engaged design studio of VCU design. fashion, graphic, and interior design students and faculty work with the Storefront for Community Design and professional mentors and clients to provide concrete and specualtive design services and proposals in Richmond, VA


Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones and MoB Studio student Emily Yenke, fall 2012


Architect Troy Schaum ( Assistant Professor at Rice University School of Architecture joined 24 students for a week long, 24-7 design build project.


Cultural Traveler

Ensemble created for the Queen Sirikit Peacock Standard of Thai Silk, 2011. 

Grand Prize Winner

A New Suit of Clothes,

Atex Inc., Most marketable Textile Award, 2011



lupilu and design for accessories, home and kids

textile designs

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